Underdark Echoes

by Avalon Burning

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Scumbag A very rough goth rock recording (it was only a demo), there was potential for better things had the band continued beyond this EP. Fans of Inkubus Sukkubus, Skeletal Family or The Shroud may find this of interest. Favorite track: Lore.
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A demo rock opera written in inspiration of the novel "Homeland" by R. A. Salvatore.


released March 1, 2002

Avalon Burning are Kevyn LeBlanc and Diane Morrison.

Electric & bass guitars, synthesizer, drum machine, vocals: LeBlanc
Vocals, acoustic guitar, midi: Morrison
Additional vocals by Erin & Rowean McRoy

All music & lyrics copyright (c) 1999 by Avalon Burning.

Cover and liner art by Catti-drizzt, copyright (c) 1999; used by permission.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Avalon Burning Vernon, British Columbia

In 1999, Sable joined forces with talented metal guitarist and songwriter Kevyn LeBlanc to form their symphonic metal studio project Avalon Burning. Both were members of the cult goth rock band Gallows Hill. A precursor to "epic metal," Avalon Burning was inspired by fantasy literature. The band split after creating their demo, "Underdark Echoes," in 2002. ... more

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Track Name: Underdark
Track Name: Lastborn

To the meld, father to daughter
Sister to brother, let our work begin
Let the onslaught commence
For the will of the Spider Goddess

Briza & Maya:
Our House shall be glorious this night!
Let bloodshed be left in our wake!
The Fourth House shall vanish with no trace;
Slay the last of the DeVir race!

Vierna & Briza:
As we gather now in our circle of eight
The ring of Lloth's idol reverberates
Bringing death as mother brings life;
A baby's heart shall meet the knife

(Dinnen douward ma brechen tol,
Abec di'n'a'breg doward!)

Briza & Maya:
Name the child!
We must name the lastborn child!
Slay the child!
The thirdborn son must die!

Stay your hand!
Now welcome your newborn brother!
Finish the deed!
Kill every last DeVir child!

What is this place that is my world?
What dark coil has my spirit embodied?
In light I see my skin as black.
In darkness it glows white in the heat of this rage I cannot dismiss!
Menzoberranzan, what hell are you?!
Track Name: Zaknafein's Lament
Zaknafein's Lament

In this veil of darkness
And this shade of unending night
I am a weapon of the shadows,
A tool of Malice's might

But in the hell of Menzoberranzan
Nothing is what it seems
And the screams of dying children
Sear my soul and shatter my dreams

What dark coil has my spirit embodied
Here in this black, endless hell?
Trapped in a cycle of rage and of hatred
My blood and my soul I must sell!

Damned be the Spider Queen!
And damned be her lies!
Would I could harden my heart to their cries!
For I cannot save them,
And I cannot flee;
If there be a true god, have mercy on me!

And now there is a child,
A son born of my seed;
And his innocent purple eyes
Lack ambition, or greed
And the sound of his laughter
Rings through these desolate halls
But how can I protect him
When our destiny calls?

Are they all like that, so sweet and so pure,
Before Lloth's poison spreads?
Can he stand tall against her venomous creeds?
Would he be better off dead?

Damned be the Spider Queen!
And damned be her lies!
Would that the light never fade from his eyes!
But I know my people,
And the depths of their sins;
If there be a true god, please watch over him!

Do not send him!

He is a drow fighter. He must go to the Academy. It is our way.

Do not send him; they will ruin him! Already he is more skilled than half those at the Academy! Allow me two more years and I will make him the finest swordsman in all Menzoberranzan!

He goes. There is more to the making of a drow warrior than skill with weapons. Drizzt has other lessons he must learn.

Lessons in treachery!

Watch your tongue, Zaknafein!

I fight with passion! That is why I win! Your son too fights with passion! Do not let the conforming ways of the Academy take that from him!

Zaknafein, I have tolerated your blasphemous beliefs because of your skill with weapons. You have taught my soldiers well, and your love of killing drow, particularly clerics of the Spider Queen, has aided the ascent of House Do'Urden. I am not, and have not been ungrateful. But I tell you now, one final time, that Drizzt is MY son, not his sire's! He will go to the Academy and learn what he must to take his place as a noble of the House! If you interfere with what must be, Zaknafein, I will no longer turn my eyes from your actions! Your heart will be given to Lloth!

Go then, Drizzt Do'Urden. Go to the Academy and learn who you really are.
Track Name: Lore

I am Hatch'net, the master of lore.
This will be your hall of instruction for fifty cycles of Narbondel;
You will bring no weapons to this place!

Gather around me, children of the Spider Queen!
Gather around me as I tell our tale;
You are drow and this is your history!
Through Lloth's strength and our own we prevail!

You are drow! Do you understand what that means?
Do you know where you come from, and the history of our people?
Menzoberranzan was not always our home,
Nor was any other cavern of the Underdark!

Once we lived on the hell of the surface world
Where every day a great orb of flame
Burns with the light of a thousand priestess' punishments
And even the night is full of light and pain!

Yes, even in the night when the ball has gone below the far rim of the world, one cannot escape the terrors of the surface! Dots of light, and sometimes a lesser ball of silvery fire, mar the sky's blessed darkness.

In those days, the ancient days of yore,
We walked hand-in-hand with our pale-featured kin.
How could we know, in our innocence, the surface elves
Would deceive and betray us from within?

Student 1:
It cannot be true!

It is! We thought the fairies our friends! We could not know that they would descend on us suddenly, and slaughter us all!

Can this be true?
Are the elves to blame?
Can our surface kin, the fairy-kind
Be blamed for all this misery and pain?

Without mercy the fairies pursued us
Until the Goddess took us to her breast
She guided us to the Underdark paradise
And now we are the masters of all we possess!

Praise Lloth! Praise Lloth! All praise to the Spider Queen!

Danger comes to the dark elves from everywhere;
The surface races are vile, one and all!
Dwarves and gnomes, humans and halflings,
They wait only for our sword blades to fall!

Student 1:
Disgusting dwarves! How I'd love to carve up their ugly faces!

Student 2:
Ugly gnomes! I'll give their blood to the Spider Queen!

Hatch'net & Students:
I'll make them pay for their sins against the drow and the Goddess!

But trust ye not the races of the Underdark,
They envy the drow and would steal our rights by birth!
Know that we are the only race of righteousness
We only have each other for allies on this earth!

(Praise to the Spider Queen! Hail to the Spider Queen!)

Can this be true?
Are the elves to blame?
Can our surface kin, and the other races,
Be blamed for all this misery and pain?

Praise to the Spider Queen!
Track Name: The Reckoning
The Reckoning

Father, I wish I could have known
I will that I had been there!
A true knight forced to be a pawn
In Malice's wicked game
All the rest of my centuries,
I'll honor your sacrifice
I'll escape the hell of Menzoberranzan
And Lloth's adamantite vice!

You dare to defy my will
After I stand to offer so much?
I would have given you honors so high
As Weapons Master of our House!
So many died so you could live!
Does that mean anything to you?
Are you a true drow warrior,
Or just an insolent spoiled little child?

How dare you defile my father's memory so?
I despise Lloth's ways more than you can ever know!

Damned be the Spider Queen!
And damned be her lies!
In the name of Zaknafein
And his great sacrifice
I wash my hands of the ways of my kin!
I'll live by my principles!
I'll follow the light within!

DAMN your blaspheming tongue!
You dare invoke Lloth's rage?
You're but a puny little male
Whose heart should have met the blade!
Briza, ready your whip!
Let's teach this boy his place!
Rake his back with viper's fangs
For his words against our race!

For you and your father's crimes
Against House Do'Urden!
By the grace of the Spider Queen
You will die for your sins!

Glory to the Spider Queen!
Let us praise Lloth's might!
House Do'Urden shall be victorious
Before Narbondel's light!
Hail the name of the Spider Queen!
Let us bask in her dark light!
Drizzt Do'Urden, your time has come!
This is now your reckoning night!

Masoj Hun'ett is now dead by my hand
I'll not slay another drow while I still walk this land
There must be another dark elf who holds my beliefs
If their blood were to stain my blade, forever I would grieve

Damned be the Spider Queen
And damned be her lies!
I'll depart this hell with Guenhwyvar by my side!
I take leave of House Do'Urden
And these misery-laden halls;
If there be a true god,
Then a true god damn you all!
Track Name: Raid by Moonlight
Raid by Moonlight

I charge with my comrades
Towards the unsuspecting horde
Lloth's "mightiest champions"
But what is it all for?

This all seems so wrong to me
The gleeful dark elven eyes
Drow weapons stained with innocence,
My soul stained with their lies

Yes, today I learn what it means to be a drow warrior
A weapon of irrational hatred and senseless paranoia
I see that my people are the real enemy
But where, where do I fit in all of this?

I clearly see her fair features
The sparkle in her beautiful eyes
Now dulled by a dark elven blade
Gurgling blood chokes her final cry

A small child rushes before my feet
Kneels by her mother's side
Torn between murder and mercy
And then something snaps inside

Do I join my darker kin?
Or do I serve the light within?
And something deep within me cries,
And Lloth's dark will is thus denied!

My blades will not spill innocent blood
I turn my back on a life of falsehood
And now before the world of light
I'm going to do what I feel is right!

I cast the child's body to the ground
And order her to lie still
Taking the head from her dead mother
I hold it high and claim her as my kill!

I never will forget this hateful day
And all this pain won't go away
I look into his purple eyes
And all I want to do is cry!
This monster shoves me to the ground
And I dare not make a sound
I wonder if I'm going to die
And then they leave, and they never tell me WHY?

Damned be the Spider Queen!
And damned be her lies!
Her greatest joy and pleasure
The innocent's cries

My only wish right now is to spit upon Lloth's face!
I renounce the lies of the Spider Queen, and those of my mother Malice!

Damned be the Spider Queen!
And damned be her lies!