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  • Underdark Echoes (Demo 2002)
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    CD featuring all lyrics & original art by Catti-drizzt.

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Drizzt goes to the Academy and is indoctrinated into the ways of the drow' but he has doubts.



I am Hatch'net, the master of lore.
This will be your hall of instruction for fifty cycles of Narbondel;
You will bring no weapons to this place!

Gather around me, children of the Spider Queen!
Gather around me as I tell our tale;
You are drow and this is your history!
Through Lloth's strength and our own we prevail!

You are drow! Do you understand what that means?
Do you know where you come from, and the history of our people?
Menzoberranzan was not always our home,
Nor was any other cavern of the Underdark!

Once we lived on the hell of the surface world
Where every day a great orb of flame
Burns with the light of a thousand priestess' punishments
And even the night is full of light and pain!

Yes, even in the night when the ball has gone below the far rim of the world, one cannot escape the terrors of the surface! Dots of light, and sometimes a lesser ball of silvery fire, mar the sky's blessed darkness.

In those days, the ancient days of yore,
We walked hand-in-hand with our pale-featured kin.
How could we know, in our innocence, the surface elves
Would deceive and betray us from within?

Student 1:
It cannot be true!

It is! We thought the fairies our friends! We could not know that they would descend on us suddenly, and slaughter us all!

Can this be true?
Are the elves to blame?
Can our surface kin, the fairy-kind
Be blamed for all this misery and pain?

Without mercy the fairies pursued us
Until the Goddess took us to her breast
She guided us to the Underdark paradise
And now we are the masters of all we possess!

Praise Lloth! Praise Lloth! All praise to the Spider Queen!

Danger comes to the dark elves from everywhere;
The surface races are vile, one and all!
Dwarves and gnomes, humans and halflings,
They wait only for our sword blades to fall!

Student 1:
Disgusting dwarves! How I'd love to carve up their ugly faces!

Student 2:
Ugly gnomes! I'll give their blood to the Spider Queen!

Hatch'net & Students:
I'll make them pay for their sins against the drow and the Goddess!

But trust ye not the races of the Underdark,
They envy the drow and would steal our rights by birth!
Know that we are the only race of righteousness
We only have each other for allies on this earth!

(Praise to the Spider Queen! Hail to the Spider Queen!)

Can this be true?
Are the elves to blame?
Can our surface kin, and the other races,
Be blamed for all this misery and pain?

Praise to the Spider Queen!


from Underdark Echoes, released March 1, 2002
Lyrics: Morrison
Music: LeBlanc
Vocals: Morrison, LeBlanc & Rowean McRoy
Quotations paraphrased from "Homeland" by R. A. Salvatore.




Avalon Burning Vernon, British Columbia

In 1999, Sable joined forces with talented metal guitarist and songwriter Kevyn LeBlanc to form their symphonic metal studio project Avalon Burning. Both were members of the cult goth rock band Gallows Hill. A precursor to "epic metal," Avalon Burning was inspired by fantasy literature. The band split after creating their demo, "Underdark Echoes," in 2002. ... more

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