Raid by Moonlight

from by Avalon Burning

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Drizzt is chosen for a surface raid to gain vengeance on the surface elves, and chooses to embrace a different path.


Raid by Moonlight

I charge with my comrades
Towards the unsuspecting horde
Lloth's "mightiest champions"
But what is it all for?

This all seems so wrong to me
The gleeful dark elven eyes
Drow weapons stained with innocence,
My soul stained with their lies

Yes, today I learn what it means to be a drow warrior
A weapon of irrational hatred and senseless paranoia
I see that my people are the real enemy
But where, where do I fit in all of this?

I clearly see her fair features
The sparkle in her beautiful eyes
Now dulled by a dark elven blade
Gurgling blood chokes her final cry

A small child rushes before my feet
Kneels by her mother's side
Torn between murder and mercy
And then something snaps inside

Do I join my darker kin?
Or do I serve the light within?
And something deep within me cries,
And Lloth's dark will is thus denied!

My blades will not spill innocent blood
I turn my back on a life of falsehood
And now before the world of light
I'm going to do what I feel is right!

I cast the child's body to the ground
And order her to lie still
Taking the head from her dead mother
I hold it high and claim her as my kill!

I never will forget this hateful day
And all this pain won't go away
I look into his purple eyes
And all I want to do is cry!
This monster shoves me to the ground
And I dare not make a sound
I wonder if I'm going to die
And then they leave, and they never tell me WHY?

Damned be the Spider Queen!
And damned be her lies!
Her greatest joy and pleasure
The innocent's cries

My only wish right now is to spit upon Lloth's face!
I renounce the lies of the Spider Queen, and those of my mother Malice!

Damned be the Spider Queen!
And damned be her lies!


from Underdark Echoes, released March 1, 2002
Lyrics: Morrison and LeBlanc
Music: LeBlanc
Vocals: Morrison & LeBlanc




Avalon Burning Vernon, British Columbia

In 1999, Sable joined forces with talented metal guitarist and songwriter Kevyn LeBlanc to form their symphonic metal studio project Avalon Burning. Both were members of the cult goth rock band Gallows Hill. A precursor to "epic metal," Avalon Burning was inspired by fantasy literature. The band split after creating their demo, "Underdark Echoes," in 2002. ... more

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