The Reckoning

from by Avalon Burning

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Drizzt confronts Matron Malice after the death of his father, and leaves House Do'Urden and Menzoberranzan forever.


The Reckoning

Father, I wish I could have known
I will that I had been there!
A true knight forced to be a pawn
In Malice's wicked game
All the rest of my centuries,
I'll honor your sacrifice
I'll escape the hell of Menzoberranzan
And Lloth's adamantite vice!

You dare to defy my will
After I stand to offer so much?
I would have given you honors so high
As Weapons Master of our House!
So many died so you could live!
Does that mean anything to you?
Are you a true drow warrior,
Or just an insolent spoiled little child?

How dare you defile my father's memory so?
I despise Lloth's ways more than you can ever know!

Damned be the Spider Queen!
And damned be her lies!
In the name of Zaknafein
And his great sacrifice
I wash my hands of the ways of my kin!
I'll live by my principles!
I'll follow the light within!

DAMN your blaspheming tongue!
You dare invoke Lloth's rage?
You're but a puny little male
Whose heart should have met the blade!
Briza, ready your whip!
Let's teach this boy his place!
Rake his back with viper's fangs
For his words against our race!

For you and your father's crimes
Against House Do'Urden!
By the grace of the Spider Queen
You will die for your sins!

Glory to the Spider Queen!
Let us praise Lloth's might!
House Do'Urden shall be victorious
Before Narbondel's light!
Hail the name of the Spider Queen!
Let us bask in her dark light!
Drizzt Do'Urden, your time has come!
This is now your reckoning night!

Masoj Hun'ett is now dead by my hand
I'll not slay another drow while I still walk this land
There must be another dark elf who holds my beliefs
If their blood were to stain my blade, forever I would grieve

Damned be the Spider Queen
And damned be her lies!
I'll depart this hell with Guenhwyvar by my side!
I take leave of House Do'Urden
And these misery-laden halls;
If there be a true god,
Then a true god damn you all!


from Underdark Echoes, released March 1, 2002
Lyrics: LeBlanc and Morrison
Music: LeBlanc
Vocals: LeBlanc and Morrison




Avalon Burning Vernon, British Columbia

In 1999, Sable joined forces with talented metal guitarist and songwriter Kevyn LeBlanc to form their symphonic metal studio project Avalon Burning. Both were members of the cult goth rock band Gallows Hill. A precursor to "epic metal," Avalon Burning was inspired by fantasy literature. The band split after creating their demo, "Underdark Echoes," in 2002. ... more

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