Zaknafein's Lament

from by Avalon Burning

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Zaknafein Do'Urden laments his role as a warrior in the corrupt drow system, and prays that his son, Drizzt, will be able to escape it.


Zaknafein's Lament

In this veil of darkness
And this shade of unending night
I am a weapon of the shadows,
A tool of Malice's might

But in the hell of Menzoberranzan
Nothing is what it seems
And the screams of dying children
Sear my soul and shatter my dreams

What dark coil has my spirit embodied
Here in this black, endless hell?
Trapped in a cycle of rage and of hatred
My blood and my soul I must sell!

Damned be the Spider Queen!
And damned be her lies!
Would I could harden my heart to their cries!
For I cannot save them,
And I cannot flee;
If there be a true god, have mercy on me!

And now there is a child,
A son born of my seed;
And his innocent purple eyes
Lack ambition, or greed
And the sound of his laughter
Rings through these desolate halls
But how can I protect him
When our destiny calls?

Are they all like that, so sweet and so pure,
Before Lloth's poison spreads?
Can he stand tall against her venomous creeds?
Would he be better off dead?

Damned be the Spider Queen!
And damned be her lies!
Would that the light never fade from his eyes!
But I know my people,
And the depths of their sins;
If there be a true god, please watch over him!

Do not send him!

He is a drow fighter. He must go to the Academy. It is our way.

Do not send him; they will ruin him! Already he is more skilled than half those at the Academy! Allow me two more years and I will make him the finest swordsman in all Menzoberranzan!

He goes. There is more to the making of a drow warrior than skill with weapons. Drizzt has other lessons he must learn.

Lessons in treachery!

Watch your tongue, Zaknafein!

I fight with passion! That is why I win! Your son too fights with passion! Do not let the conforming ways of the Academy take that from him!

Zaknafein, I have tolerated your blasphemous beliefs because of your skill with weapons. You have taught my soldiers well, and your love of killing drow, particularly clerics of the Spider Queen, has aided the ascent of House Do'Urden. I am not, and have not been ungrateful. But I tell you now, one final time, that Drizzt is MY son, not his sire's! He will go to the Academy and learn what he must to take his place as a noble of the House! If you interfere with what must be, Zaknafein, I will no longer turn my eyes from your actions! Your heart will be given to Lloth!

Go then, Drizzt Do'Urden. Go to the Academy and learn who you really are.


from Underdark Echoes, released March 1, 2002
Lyrics: Morrison, LeBlanc
Music: Morrison
Spoken vocals: Morrison & Erin McRoy




Avalon Burning Vernon, British Columbia

In 1999, Sable joined forces with talented metal guitarist and songwriter Kevyn LeBlanc to form their symphonic metal studio project Avalon Burning. Both were members of the cult goth rock band Gallows Hill. A precursor to "epic metal," Avalon Burning was inspired by fantasy literature. The band split after creating their demo, "Underdark Echoes," in 2002. ... more

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